Entry #1


2017-06-08 12:26:24 by CraftedSpider

Hello fans (despite me having no fans on Newgrounds currently, lol)! I am renaming myself to ElectricPuppy, and throwing away K-9. This is because at first I thought K-9 was a clever name until I started to see that name recurringly. Once I made it to Soundcloud, I decided to quit on name unoriginality and call myself ElectricPuppy. Unfortunately, when I searched THAT up on SoundCloud, it turned out there was another person by the same name who was inactive for years... Do not worry. You guys would get used to this.

(Oh yeah, I just realized the post mood emoticons have some that bear extremely striking resemblances to the Geometry Dash level difficulty rating icons. Coincidence? I dunno. Probably)


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